RC Multicopters

Miny multicopter HelicopterRadio control aircraft come in many shapes, sizes and types and rc multicopters are a relatively new addition to the ever-growing list.

An evolution of the rc helicopter, multicopters are a unique type of aircraft that feature three or more motors mounted on booms fixed to a central fuselage or hub. The motors are mounted vertically and tilting movements of each motor, along with changes in motor power and hence rotor speed, give the omnidirectional control of the multicopter.

Smaller multicopters, particularly RTF quad copters, will not utilise any motor-tilting feature but rely soley on changes in motor speed, controlled by advanced auto-stabilisation electronic wizardry. So moving a stick on the transmitter won't cause any physical movement of anything on the copter, just a change in speed of the relevant motors.

Regardless of their individual design characteristics, rc multicopters are generally named after how many motors they have; a three-motored multicopter is a tricopter, a four-motored one is a quadcopter (or quadrocopter / quadricopter / quad rotor), a six-motored one is a hexacopter etc. They can vary in size, from palm-size to giants.
Away from the hobby, they are used as drones by the military and police forces etc.

Many, particularly larger, rc multicopters rely on rc helicopter gyros to achieve their stability in the air, but more sophisticated auto-stabilisation hardware has more recently become available and the Blade mQX uses Horizon Hobby's new AS3X stabilisation system that was developed to make their 'Ultra Micro' planes less twitchy to fly.
Whichever system is used, the end result is impressive and these copters are very stable machines indeed, once they are set up correctly.