GyroBot 900 Flifgt stabilization System and "Cockpit" programming box

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GyroBot is the only system using three acceleration sensores added to the 3 MEMS gyro sensors of highest quality
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Flying like on rails without adjusting very long

GyroBot 900 and "Cockpit" programming box

The GyroBot 900 is a very high quality and precise controller and stabilizer for the swashplate and tail rotor of a model helicopter (three axes). It allows you to fly each helicopter with a 'rigid' head version, you no longer need a flybar and a tail gyro (But you can use a Flybar in Beginner- and Beginner Acro Mode)! All electronics are contained in one small housing (32x32x16 mm). You have more power and flying time.
The System can be used in the following modes

1. Standard Mode
This Mode is a very precise control for flybarless helicopters. The model flies like a flybar helicopter, but without the disadvantages of a flybar rotorhead. That means there are absolutely neutral flying characteristics for beginners, perfect FAI, extreme 3D or very stable and precise Scale flying for 2 and multi blade rotorheads. Each multi blade head or 2 blade head flies “like on rails” with very easy adjusting and programming.

2. Beginner Mode
In this mode there is an active tilt control for the aileron and elevator axis. That means if you loose the aileron or elevator stick the GyroBot 900 moves the model back to the horizontal position. The maximum tilt angle of the model can be adjusted from 10 to 50 degrees, so the model does not tilt more than this angle. So a very easy learning of hovering and flying of model helicopters is possible now. The Beginnermode can be overridden from you (adjustable), so you can habituate step by step to the flying of a “normal” helicopter. The Beginnermode works in helicopters with and without flybar.

3. Beginner Acro Mode
This mode offers added to the features of the Beginnermode the possibility of easy learning rolls, flips, loops and inverted flying. If you tilt the helicopter more than 90 degrees, the GyroBot 900 moves it to a stable inverted hovering position, never mind how long you keep the stick in this position. In the inverted position there is also an active tilt control if you loose the aileron or elevator stick. Also the Beginner Acro Mode works in helicopters with and without flybar.The GyroBot is the only system using three acceleration sensores added to the 3 MEMS gyro sensors of highest quality. So it can recognize much more movementsduring flight and process them very fast. That means for you: Perfect flight characteristics without adusting very long. The GyroBot can also be adjusted from absolute beginners very easily. You can do this via the “Cockpit” programming box or via the USB Interface Cable and the PC.The “Cockpit” can be both connected only for programming or fixed in the model.

Technical details:
-CNC manufactured aluminum case; bright chrome finish
-Measurements: 32x32x16 mm,
-Weight: 20 g

-Sensor Elements: 3 MEMS gyro sensors of highest quality, added 3 acceleration sensors ,
-RISC processor, Voltage range: 3,0V – 12 V,
-For all motors (electric, turbine,
IC, gas) and all helicopter sizes.
-Optimized Functions for Multi blade Rotorheads
-Swashplate Rotation, Pirouette Optimization
-The system will always be updateable without loosing your existing settings.
-You can switch between 3 different flight settings via a
switch on the transmitter.
-Very easy programming, so you find the first setting in less minutes.
-Compatible to all PPM, PCM, and 2,4 GHz RC Systems
-Made in Germany

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