Carbon Cub 15cc ARF

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The Hangar 9® Carbon Cub 15cc brings the heritage and versatility of the  full scale airplane to life with a 90-inch span, all-wood model with  easy engine or electric power installation that features shock-absorbing  landing gear and optional floats.

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Key Features


  • Laser-cut, all-wood construction that’s lightweight
  • Shock-absorbing main landing gear and tundra-style wheels
  • Two-piece, plug-in wing with functional flaps
  • Quick-connect, streamlined wing struts
  • Functional LED landing lights, installed
  • Operational cockpit side-doors
  • Instrument details and seats included
  • Float ready, with hard points for optional 1/5-scale float set
  • Matching paint on fiberglass cowl and accessories
  • Pre-cut hinge locations for all control surfaces
  • Genuine UltraCote® film finish
  • Tail wire detail and a leaf tail wheel
  • Easy installation of engine or electric power recommendations
  • Complete hardware package featuring fiberglass control horns


Product Specifications


90 in  (228 cm)
Overall Length:
60 in  (153 cm)
Wing Area:
1170 sq in (75.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
11.4 lb (5.2 kg)
Engine Size:
15cc 2-stroke gas/petrol
Motor Size:
Power 60
6+ Channel, full-range transmitter and receiver
7 Standard digital servos (6 for electric)
Trim Scheme Colors:
Cub Yellow U884, Black U874, Silver U881
CG (center of gravity):
4.0-4.7 in (100-120mm)
Wing Loading:
22.4 oz/ sq in
Prop Size:
15x6-15x7 (15cc gas), 16x10E (EP)
Spinner Size:
2-3/4 inch (70.0 mm)
Speed Control :
Recommended Battery:
5000mAh 6S 22.2V Li-Po
Control Throw (Ailerons):
Low: Up 13mm and down 11mm, 20% Expo/ High: Up 22mm and down 18mm, 30% Expo
Control Throw (Elevator):
Low: Up 20mm and down 15mm, 20% Expo/ High: Up 30mm and down 25mm, 30% Expo
Control Throw (Rudder):
Low: left 33mm and right 33mm, 20% Expo/ High: Left 55mm and right 55mm, 30% Expo
Control Throw (Flaps):
Mid: 7/8 in (22mm)/ Landing: Adjust Maximun throw without binding
Approx. Flying Duration:
12 to 15 minutes
1:5 (20%)
Experience Level:
Recommended Environment:
Assembly Time:
Is Assembly Required:



The  Hangar 9® Carbon Cub 15cc ARF brings the heritage and versatility of the  full scale airplane to life with a modern all-wood model that combines  classic looks with a higher performance spirit. Featuring a 90-inch  wingspan, this large model delivers the experience of giant scale, yet  is practical enough to fly every day. The two-piece wing allows for  convenient transportation and the quick-connect struts make assembly  simple. Scale detail like cockpit doors, interior features, landing  lights and a scale spinner mean that this Carbon Cub model will easily  turn heads at the field. A light wing loading plus functional flaps help  you perform impressive short takeoff and landings. Like the full-size,  shock-absorbing landing gear take most of the bounce out of grass  strips. With the optional 1/5-scale float set (sold separately) you can  enjoy the same adventure-driven performance at the local lake.

Versatility that Makes Giant Scale Fun
The Cub  is a classic aircraft that’s adored by both full-scale and model  aviation pilots. Its flying qualities and design versatility have come  to be known well enough that practically every new aircraft is compared  to it. That’s a lot to be said for an airplane that first flew in 1938.  Cub Crafters of Yakima, Washington started their booming business by  restoring original Cub airframes. Very quickly, the collection of  engineered refinements spawned a brand new line of aircraft like the  Carbon Cub that honors the original icon yet delivers performance that’s  every pilot’s dream.

The Hangar 9® Carbon Cub 15cc ARF brings  the heritage and versatility of the full-scale airplane to life with a  modern all-wood model that combines classic looks with a higher  performance spirit. Featuring a 90-inch wingspan, this large model  delivers the experience of giant scale, yet is practical enough to fly  every day. The two-piece wing allows for convenient transportation and  the quick-connect struts make assembly simple. Scale detail like cockpit  doors, interior features, landing lights and a scale spinner mean that  this Carbon Cub model will easily turn heads at the field. A light wing  loading plus functional flaps help you perform impressive short takeoff  and landings. Like the full-size, shock-absorbing landing gear take most  of the bounce out of grass strips. With the optional 1/5-scale float  set (sold separately), you can enjoy the same adventure-driven  performance at the local lake.

Get fuel efficiency and gas  engine ease-of-operation when you choose the Evolution® 15GX engine for  this Carbon Cub. Its pumped carburetor design allows fuel to flow  consistently regardless of fuel tank location or aircraft attitude while  flying. Evolution Small Block gas engines offer lightweight  construction and standard beam-mount installation like a glow engine.  But what sets this engine truly apart from the glow-fueled counterparts  is the phenomenal fuel efficiency. On average, it takes only 30% of the  gas/petrol to provide the same run time as a comparably sized glow  engine. That’s an amazing efficiency level that results in a cost per  flight savings of approximately 90%.

When you go to choose a  transmitter, receiver and servos required for a quality airplane like  this Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc model, consider all the advantages genuine  Spektrum™ technology gives you. Not only will you possess a proven  radio system at a great price, you’ll get the safety benefits that only  ModelMatch™ and SmartSafe™ features can give.

Shock Absorbing Landing Gear 
This working  recreation of the bungee landing gear used on the full-scale Carbon Cub  will soak up bumps during ground operations just like the real thing.

All-Wood Construction 
Lightweight,  laser-cut construction is utilized to bring the Carbon Cub 15cc to life  as a durable scale model that’s built to last with a level of rigidity  that makes even a friendly flying airplane such as this crisp control  response.

Genuine UltraCote® Covering
The  all-wood structure of the Carbon Cub 15cc is covered with genuine Hangar  9 UltraCote® film that provides a durable and easy-to-maintain finish  that closely replicates its full-scale cousin.

Gas or Electric 
No  matter what type of power you favor—gas/petrol, glow or electric,  hardware and mounting options are included to suit a variety of power  systems so you can be in the air in less time.

Quick-Connect Wing Struts
The streamlined wing struts feature quick-connect strut pins so that only basic tools are needed at the field.

Functional Flaps 
The  functional flaps allow you to enjoy the same short-field takeoff and  landing performance that full-scale Carbon Cub pilots do.

Landing Lights
The wings feature factory installed wiring and LED lights so that making a working landing light system is easy.

Cockpit Doors
The  magnetically secured cockpit door can be left open during flight, just  like on the full-scale version. It also lets you keep switches out of  sight by mounting them inside the cockpit.

Float Ready
Hard points for mounting the Hangar 9 1/5-scale float kit (HAN6030—sold separately) are already built into the fuselage. 

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